The Candidate

Your cooperative group will select one member to become a candidate for political office. Your group will create a platform, and simulate a campaign.

Meet The Candidates

click above to learn more about the Candidates and their platforms.

Candidate Debate

click above to access the rules for the Candidate Debates and to add your Platform Essay.

The Platform (29 points)

Your platform must consist of 8 planks. Four should be from the discussion questions; your group can determine the remaining planks. The platform should be presented as a two page typed essay. Please be sure to provide information from Interest Groups that agree with your Candidate and cite your sources correctly.

Propaganda (28 points)

Your team should create three pieces of propaganda to use in your campaign. Points will be given for creativity, and using a variety of media forms.

The Debate (28 points)

Your candidate will participate in a formal debate in class. The rules of that debate will be posted on Edline. If your candidate is the winner of that debate your group will earn 10 bonus points.

Reflection (15 points)

After completion of the project, each team member will complete the reflection sheet, and have a discussion about the team’s performance.


Your group should select:

Project manager – Should oversee the entire project, submit a plan for project completion (by 10/25 at 4:00 pm) and hold all group members accountable for their responsibilities.

Candidate – Should be well versed in all aspects of the Platform and be prepared to debate on 11/04 at the Carpenter Library. (All Candidates should be professionally dressed at the Debate Venue)

Press Officer – Is the primary contributor to the group’s propaganda campaign. The press officer is also responsible for introducing the Candidate and explaining the platform on the day of the debate.

Researcher – Is the primary contributor to the group’s platform.

Due Date:

All assignments should be completed and submitted before the debate 11/04.

Candidate Rubrics

This link provides all rubrics needed to complete "The Candidate."

Sample Videos

Below are a few samples of Past Candidate Propaganda Videos

Links for Platform Research

Political Interest Group Directory lists more IG's than you could ever want… by topic.

ProCon. Org has both sides to many controversial arguments (War in Iraq, Immigration, Voting Rights, etc.)

Infotrac password: library

Oxford Reference Online user: xroads password: library

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