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Self Assigned Work (SAW) is a set of assignments that a learner gives to her / himself. Social Studies education can be a rich and broad experience (including: archaeology, anthropology, sociology, economics, history, law, civics & government, psychology, geography), while we will be unable to include the full scope of range in our daily activities… learners may extend their horizons with challenging Self Assigned Work assignments.

SAW is worth 10% of a learner’s grade, and is due in 30-point increments at each quarter. Parents / Guardians are the sole graders of SAW, and should use the worksheet in the files section at the bottom of this page. Please note that volunteer community service will count for 5 points per hour.

The Civics Edline Page has several opportunities for Self Assigned Work.

After going to the Civics Edline Page you can use the "News Link" link in the Contents Section to complete SAW Assignments.


The Newslink Section will take you to current events articles that are related to Civics. Pick three articles and read them (taking care to cite them correctly). Write a one page essay connecting or comparing the articles… use at least SIX Vocabulary words from previous Vocab lists in the Essay. Turn the essay in to your parents.

5 points SAW.

Volunteer Service

Volunteer service is worth 5 points per hour. You can volunteer almost anywhere! Be sure to check with John to make sure that your volunteer hours will count before volunteering.

River des Peres Clean Up

November 8th, 2008

9am - Noon

9th Annual River des Peres Stream Clean-Up!

Volunteers are needed to pick up litter along the riverbank that accumulated during the flood. Meet at the bridge over the River des Peres at the intersection of Lansdowne Avenue and River des Peres Boulevard near the Shrewsbury MetroLink stop.

Tools and gloves provided. Light lunch served. Dress in solid closed-toe shoes and old clothing. Long sleeves and long pants are recommended. Bring your own water bottle!

For more details, contact the River des Peres Watershed Coalition

314-725-8314 x107 or moc.liamg|serepsedrevir#moc.liamg|serepsedrevir

Thanksgiving Day Feeding the Hungry

November 27th, 2008

Students will meet Gerry at CCPS in the morning (9:00?) and travel to local soup kitchens to feed the hungry.

Contact Gerry Lauber gro.perpegellocsdaorssorc|yrreg#gro.perpegellocsdaorssorc|yrreg for more information.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

For 5 points of Self Assigned work. View the videos below and have a conversation with your family about the Declaration of Human Rights… compare it to John Locke's Natural Rights and Concepts in the Bill of Rights of the US Constitution.

More Coming Soon….

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