Plessy V Ferguson2010

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  • Homer Plessy was 7/8 white and 1/8 black.
  • Homer Plessy was given money by the train company to buy a ticket for a white train.
  • The train company did this to disrupt the Separate Car Act, and save money.
  • John Howard Ferguson was the judge presiding over Plessy's case.
  • In 1890 Louisiana passed the Separate Car Act.
  • Homer Plessy was put in a holding cell.
  • Plessy appealed the case to the Louisiana State Court.
  • The penalty for riding in the wrong car is $25 or 20 days in prison.
  • Homer Plessy was a shoemaker.
  • Plessy was a U.S. citizen.
  • Plessy purchased the ticket on July 7, 1892
  • Plessy's lawyer, Albion Tourgee, was a well known advocate for black rights.
  • Tourgee agreed to argue the case without compensation.
  • A group of African Americans raised $3,000 to protest the act.


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