The History of Africans in America

an advanced History elective at Crossroads College Preparatory School

Unit One — From chieftain to chattel

  • Akbar
  • David Walker's Appeal

Unit Two — A peculiar institution

  • My Bondage and My Freedom
  • Democracy in America

Unit Three — Free at last, but will it last?

Unit Four — This land is your land it is not my land

  • Up from Slavery
  • The Souls of Black Folk

Unit Five — The movement

  • Coming of Age in Mississippi

Unit Six — Breakdowns and breakthroughs

For every unit:

  1. Reading Syllabus
  2. Reading Quizzes (3)
  3. Test
  4. Discussion Questions (6)
  5. Writing Prompts (3) — Long Blocks
  6. Video Lectures (4)
  7. Class Lectures (2)
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