Meet The Candidates

Andrew Adler

Political Ideology - Liberal


Terrorism- Andrew believes that we should stop fighting on foreign land and start protecting our homeland.

Obesity- Andrew believes that the eating habits of Americans are not good.

Animals- Animal cruelty should be stopped.

Global warming- Put efforts into finding renewable resources instead of finding more oil.

Poverty- Create more jobs and help the poor.

Health care- Should be some health care for everyone but people can pay for their own if they want better health care.

Gun control- No second chances. If you mess up you lose gun rights.

Immigration- Need to up security to keep illegal immigrants out.

Matthew Larson

Political Ideology - Liberal


We are for gun control, and believe there should be regulation on the number and type of guns you can own.

We are against poverty, and we will establish laws to help the poor; we make a lot of social welfare programs and attempt to help the poor get jobs.

We are for health care, and will provide health care for all.

We will allow some immigration and allow some illegal immigrants to become citizen, but we will increase boarder patrol

We think that we should only buy military planes from US manufacturers; we should take up European subsidies for Airbus with the WTO, and that if Boeing cannot produce superior products and we continue to support and make American Airlines buy American products then it takes away all the advantage of being private.

We will put pressure of on China to impose sanctions on North Korea and not react to grandstanding so the the US does not make North Korea feel more important then it really is.

We will impose tariffs on Chinese imports to decrease the trade deficit and and put pressure on China to allow the Renminbi to appreciate; we will subsidize US rare earth.

We would use a policy of stimulation and regulation.

Erica Franklin

Political Ideology: Radical


HEALTH CARE - everyone should have some type of health care.

IMMIGRATION - immigration is fine, the problem is people come over to other countries illegally.

POVERTY - not enough is done to fix poverty, more food pantries should be open to feed the homeless

EDUCATION - every person has a right to education

NATIONAL RIGHTS - everyone deserves their natural rights, even if they are of a different ethnicity, or are attracted to the same sex.

ENVIRONMENT - not enough is done to help our planet. More factories and transportation sources should become ‘green’

GUN CONTROL - pro-gun control, people with guns should have licenses

VETERAN RESPECT - veterans deserve to be recognized, veterans deserve to have a job provided for them when they retire from the army.

Asaan Moore

Political Ideology: Liberal

Gun control: We believe that everyone has the right to protect themselves, but if they are going to own a weapon, they must have a license.

Immigration: We believe that immigrants must have papers to get into the United States.

Poverty: Lower the taxes for the impoverished.

Health Care: We believe that everyone has the right to health care.

Taxes: We believe that the taxes should be raised for the wealthy, and lowered for the poor.

Transportation: We believe that there should be more transportation available to everyone.

Communication: We believe that there should be more cell towers, as well as better mail service.

Safety: We believe that there should be more police officers, fire departments, and ambulances to improve the safety of citizens.

Natasha Slavin

Political Ideology: Moderate


Gun Control: We believe that gun control should only be given to those with a license with no criminal record. They have a limit of 3 guns and can only have hunting guns such as rifles.

Poverty: We think that poverty is a major problem and is one that needs to be fixed. We want have more build homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and more.

Health Care: We believe in universal health care because it is a necessity and not a luxury. We want more available free clinics so health care is easily accessible.

Immigration: We disagree with the new Arizona Law. We support people coming, but we do want border control so there are fewer illegal immigrants.

Safety: Safety is very important and we want more police and fire departments.

Economy: We think that the economy is important and is required for a stable and growing community

Environment: We believe that the environment is key and we want to keep it preserved and growing.

Education: Education is required for a thriving future and economy. We want more schools and after-school programs

Simon Handmaker

Political Ideology - Radical

Simon Handmaker and his party are against guns because they believe that they are a detriment to society, and if hunting; guns should only be bought from by a licensed official.

Simon Handmaker hopes to lower the poverty rate by increasing jobs in the local area by building assorted shops and businesses.

Simon Handmaker believes that to lower illegal he must raise legal immigration and will allow border patrol money to go to education and the environment.

Simon Handmaker believes in a low level health care system for all, although if you want better health care you can pay for it yourself.

Simon Handmaker is a big believer in the environment, he believes without a healthy environment the people cannot prosper.

Simon Handmaker is against war and is focused on a peaceful place inside and outside his boundaries and wishes to negotiate to get out of any misdoings.

Simon Handmaker is also a big believer in Education, he believes in a renewal of the people and that must start with the base of the people.

Simon Handmaker believes the economy starts with jobs and wants build many new offices and stores to increase job growth through blue and white-collar jobs.

Max Fiorello

Political Ideology: Moderate


Gun Control- Guns should only be used for sport and should not be given to people with criminal records. You have to have a license to own a gun.

Health Care- Everyone should get health care with a small increase of tax. Health care is free.

Poverty- People with minimum wage or low pay should have a decreased income tax and property tax and should be allowed to get welfare.

Immigration- Borders should be watched carefully, but people trying to move into America should be able to obtain U.S. citizenship more easily.

Education- Public schools should have more funding, teachers should have higher wages so that they are more motivated to give children a good education.

Defense- Our coasts should be monitored. Our troops should be taken out of the Middle East.

Tobacco- Increase taxes on tobacco, and smoking should only be allowed on private property.

Environmental Issues- Electric cars should slowly replace fossil fuel powered cars over a period of 20 years. We should be trying to make our air cleaner by increasing taxes on gas and trying to get rid of diesel fuel.

Caty Witte

Ideology: Liberal


We think that there should be gun control.

We think that animals should have rights.

We think that people should have health care.

We think that nobody should be impoverished.

We think that borders should be watched very closely for illegal immigrants.

We think that everyone should live in a clean community.

We think that there should be a huge effort to subside crime.

We think that everyone should have a good education.

Berrick Wahby

Political Ideology: Radical


Berrick believes in education because it prepares our next generation to take over the country when we are gone.

Berrick believes strongly in immigration because it builds our country stronger and makes it more diverse.

Berrick does not believe in crime at all. He thinks it is a huge problem in our country and must be stopped.

Berrick does not believe in poverty and will bring the impoverished out of poverty

Berrick is pro gun control for the insurance and safety of our people.

Berrick believes that health care should be available and affordable to anyone who might need it.

Berrick believes that there needs to be more jobs in America because it would make the number of impoverished go down.

Berrick believes that abortion should not be used unless certain circumstances

Caleb Hill

Political Ideology: Moderate


Health Care: Every citizen should have basic health care benefits.

Gun Control: With a licence, it should be legal for people who are qualified to handle a weapon to own small guns for hunting or sport.

Poverty: There should should reduced taxes for the impoverished, and shelters/programs for the homeless.

Environment: There should be several local recycling programs, as well as lots of green space in order to encourage people to take action and preserve it.

Immigrants: Immigrants should be supported by programs established the government, but there should be increased border control.

Education: Education should be a priority in that there should be many quality public schools and community colleges to promote smart kids and smart generations.

Military: We should use military reaction primarily for defence against attackers or threats against America.

Economy: There should be a progressive taxation method. We need to tax impoverished citizens less and tax middle class, and wealthy people more.

Charlotte Sechrist

Political Ideology: Radical


We plan to Give basic health care.

We also plan to Decrease poverty.

Another important thing we plan to do is stop illegal immigration.

Adding more schools is also important.

We will increase jobs for the unemployed

We will Make our environment look better.

We plan to increase law enforcement

We will also decrease war.describe link

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