Marbury V Madison2010

The facts of the case:

*Thomas Jefferson wins the presidential election of 1800.
*The previous president, John Adams, rapidly appoints 58 members of his party to seats in office.
*The secretary of state john Marshall is responsible for delivering the commissions, or necessary paperwork, to the appointed.
*Marshall is replaced by James Madison before he can deliver all of the commissions, and Marshall assumes Madison will finish the job.
*Madison is instructed to not deliver the commissions by Thomas Jefferson, so the remaining appointed individuals cannot take their posts.
*One of those people, William Marbury, is angered by this action and sues Marbury and asks the court to issue a writ of mandamus, which would force Madison to deliver the commission.

*The case makes its way to the supreme court, where Madison ends up winning and Marbury is unable to get his commision.

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