Korematsu V Usa2010

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-Fred Korematsu sued the United States of America
-The USA would not let him live amongst its other residents because he was Japanese.
-He and his family have been in the USA for many generations.
-He and his family are American citizens.
-Korematsu was born in the United States
-He wanted a job in the military but was denied because of poor health.
-He wanted to serve the USA army so he got a job at a shipyard.
-He wanted to avoid getting deported so he moved to the neighboring town from Oakland, California and got plastic surgery on his face to make him pass for Mexican-American. He also changed his name.
-The government told him anyway that he could not stay and was deported.
-He sued the American government
-He sued the government because he did not believe that Congress, military authorities, and the president had the power to create relocation orders
- Korematsu also sued because he felt that Order 9066 discriminated based on race and violated the constitution
-Korematsu was not allowed into the Military because of health problems.
-Fred Korematsu was an American-born citizen of Japanese descent who grew up in Oakland, California. He tried to serve in the United States military, but was rejected for poor health. He was able, however, to get a job in a shipyard. When Japanese internment began in California, Korematsu evaded the order and moved to a nearby town. He also had some facial surgery, changed his name and claimed to be Mexican-American. (http://www.landmarkcases.org/korematsu/background3.html)


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