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About the Final Exhibition


Students in 8th grade at Crossroads College Prep will investigate a social studies topic and present that topic in the form of a public exhibition.

At the core of the exhibition are the relationships between product and process; purpose and form; authenticity and the “real world.” It is through this demonstration of knowledge that the internal learning process is made public.

FINAL EXHIBITION GRADERS, please click the link below to access the scoring guide.

Dear Graders,

Thank you for taking your time to view and evaluate our work. Please realize that the public nature of this project is very important to me, and your honest assessment is equally important. Please take your time and mark the rubric carefully and honestly. Your scores and marks are for the viewing of the INSTRUCTOR only, and they will not be shared with the student.

Once again thank you,

John Merritt, Middle School Director, Crossroads College Preparatory School

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2009 Project Topics

click the link below the student's name to view their presentation

Zoe — America's Involvement with the Holocaust

Jaede* — Open Access to Adoption Information

Alex — How does slavery affect us today?

Riley — 1915 American occupation of Haiti

Noah — Civil Disobedience in America.

Kyle — Who killed the electric car?

Micah — Watergate Scandal

Connor — The failed assassination of Adolph Hitler.

Pete — Kurt Cobain's death and his effect on modern society and culture.

Meredith — Accessibility Of the Disabled—disabled rights, awareness. The Disabled contribute to the society.

Danielle — African American Linguistic Anthropology

Jojo — Iran Hostage Crisis

Grace — Animal Rights

Harry — September 11, 2001

Lillian — Jonestown Massacre

Peter — The Great American Streetcar Scandal

Courtney — Katherine Dunham's influence on Civil Rights and Dance

Zohra — Women who fought in the civil war

Dula — A history of Blimps, Dirigibles and Zeppelins

Lacee — Success in African American Males

Nathaniel — The Musical and Cultural Influence of Jimi Hendrix

Nick — The standard of living in the Soviet Union

Wolf — Political Satire

Sam — President Richard Nixon

Brinia — Cause and Effect of child abuse

Marlowe — Adolescent Development

Jonathan — History of The Titanic

Tipton — History of Ancient Britain and Ireland -AD 700

Eric — Video games and their impact on society

Jade — Obama and Lincoln

Chip — Violence Desensitization in Movies, TV and Video Games

Olivia — How Chinese Immigrants shaped America

Grace Ann — The Salem Witch Trials

Aaron — History of African American Music

D.J. — The Line Between Acceptable and Unacceptable torture

Natalie — Assassination of JFK

Henrik — Fall of Rome

Tori —AIDS epidemic

Sean — Martin Luther King

Hana — The Great Depression

Emma — The Titanic

Halle — Animal Cruelty

Josh — Ernie Davis and his impact on American Society

Paul — The Emancipation Proclamation

Kim — Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

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