Final Exhibitions

About the Final Exhibition


Students in 8th grade at Crossroads College Prep will investigate a social studies topic and present that topic in the form of a public exhibition.

At the core of the exhibition are the relationships between product and process; purpose and form; authenticity and the “real world.” It is through this demonstration of knowledge that the internal learning process is made public.

FINAL EXHIBITION GRADERS, please click the link below to access the scoring guide.

Dear Graders,

Thank you for taking your time to view and evaluate our work. Please realize that the public nature of this project is very important to me, and your honest assessment is equally important. Please take your time and mark the rubric carefully and honestly. Your scores and marks are for the viewing of the INSTRUCTOR only, and they will not be shared with the student.

Once again thank you,

John Merritt, Dean of Students, Crossroads College Preparatory School

click this link to access the full rubric

2010 Project Topics

click the link above the student's name to view their presentation

Capitalism vs Communism

by Armand

Segregation in America

by Joye

The Federal Reserve Bank

by Benton

The Afghan War

by Ben

The Fall of Rome

by August

The Salem Witch Trials

by Tess

Nikola Tesla

by Charlie

Crack, is wack jack!

by Witherspoon

Steriods in Baseball

by Austin

The Fall of Castles

by Finkenkeller


by Devi

World War II

by Darian

Al Capone

by Jeremy

Black Panther Party

by Daniels

Scott vs Sanford

by Deja

Malcolm X

by Shawn

The Death Penalty

by Hoben


by Joshua

The Four Energies

by Claudia

The Middle Passage

by Franklin

Mafia and the Media

by Harry

Teen Pregnancy

by Anna

Animal Welfare and Adoption

by Ellie

Lowering the Legal Drinking Age

by Monika

We are all Homo Sapiens anyway

by Cecilia

The Dangers of Sugar

by Emily

Why Do We Fight?

by Adam

Robotics in Space Exploration

by Aryeh

Civil Rights for African Americans

by Royce

Adolf Hitler: The Evil Persuader

by Trevor

Vietnam War

by Luke

Civil Rights

by Curtis

Star Trek, The Final Frontier

by Oscar

Smoking in Pop Culture

by Will


by Paul

Video Games: Their effect on society and what has been done about it

by TJ H. -

Manifest Destiny

by Adrian


by Adia

Time Travel

by Sebastian

Lancia MotorSport

by Sam

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