FE 2011

About the Final Exhibition


Students in 8th grade at Crossroads College Prep investigate a topic and present that topic in the form of a public exhibition.

At the core of the exhibition are the relationships between product and process; purpose and form; authenticity and the “real world.” It is through this demonstration of knowledge that the internal learning process is made public.

FINAL EXHIBITION GRADERS, please click the link below to access the scoring guide.


Dear Graders,

Thank you for taking your time to view and evaluate our work. Please realize that the public nature of this project is very important to me, and your honest assessment is equally important. Please take your time and mark the rubric carefully and honestly. Your scores and marks are for the viewing of the INSTRUCTOR only, and they will not be shared with the student.

Once again thank you,

John Merritt, Dean of Students, Crossroads College Preparatory School

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2011 Project Topics

Maya Acharya: The benefits or organized crime
Maya Acharya - Part II

Andrew Adler: Steroids in Baseball

Clayton Barry: Television's impact on society

Brooke Beatrice: Animal Testing

Sara Bewen: The media and body image (available only on DVD)

Jas Bradley: Technology and Social Media

Wayne Brown: Steroids, not all bad

Sam Buchholz: The Nuclear Threat

MJ Butler: Changing the views of the Middle East

Kameron Clay: The Mayan 2012 predictions

Jordan Cooper: History of Prohibition

Solomon Cooper: Moonshine

DJ Corbett: Legalization of Marijuana

Max Fiorello: The Mafia and the Prohibition

Merah Frank: Terrorism

Erica Franklin: Pirate World

Emily Furst: Education- China vs. America

Adam Goss: The Inflation Complication

Simon Handmaker: Video Games and the controversy surrounding them

Chrissy Haymon: Dogs and Cats

Caleb Hill: The 2012 Conspiracies

Eugenia Jones: Slavery in America and Libya

Zoe Kirchoff: Fame

Andrew Kowalkowski: The Mid Atlantic Ridge

Jocelyn Lane: The genocide of Bosnia- Herzegovina

Matt Larson: The decline of American manufacturing

Sammy Longstreth: Bio Weapons

Louis McClellan: Pesticides

Asaan Moore: Poison

Jacob Ruwitch: Cultural Escapism- Meth in rural communities

Charlotte Sechrist: Bias against the Middle East

Sam Shabsin: Organic Food

Natasha Slavin: The Darfur Genocide

Brian Thorp: Zombies

TaLia Underwood: Cheney University

Berrick Wahby: Jack Dorsey

Caty Witte: Alternative Medicine

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