Electoral College Simulation

During the Electoral College Simulation each cooperative group will attempt to win the Presidency by attaining 270 Electoral Votes.


Electoral College Entry Questions

Electoral College Entry Questions (5 points each)

  1. What are the electoral values and populations for each state?
  2. How are the number of electoral votes determined for each state?
  3. Which state is most over represented in the Electoral College?
  4. Which state is most under represented in the Electoral College?
  5. Who gets to vote in the electoral college?
  6. Pick four different states and describe their process for casting Electoral Votes.
  7. Since 1900 what candidate won the Presidency by winning the fewest number of states? and how many states?
  8. What is the minimum amount of states needed to win a Presidential Election? (Name the states.)
  9. What is the maximum possible number of states that one can have and still lose the election? (Name the states.)
  10. What is the minimum amount of Popular Votes needed to become president?
  11. What is the maximum amount of Popular Votes that one can have and still lose the Presidency.
  12. Which states are most important in winning Presidential Elections (why)?

Simulation Rules

Electoral College Simulation:

Your group will compete against the other groups for Electoral Votes.

Round 1 A vs B
Round 2 B vs C
Round 3 A vs C
Round 4 A vs B vs C


Round 1 A vs B and C vs D
Round 2 A vs C and B vs D
Round 3 A vs D and B vs C
Round 4 A vs B vs C vs D

1 point per 100 electoral votes

1st place = 2 points per election

1st = 15/15
2nd = 12/15
3rd = 11/15
4th = 10/15

Simulation Tasks:

Electoral College Quiz – Earns Campaign Dollars ($5 per point)
Developing an EC Strategy (20 points)
Should have a thesis and supporting evidence. (Why will this strategy work?)

Useful Links

270 to Win collection of interactive electoral maps… has every Presidential Election in History

NARA Electoral College FAQ the National Archives post their FAQ for the Electoral College

How Stuff Works- Electoral College How Stuff Works explains the Electoral College in simple words… has a neat video!

Electoral College Debate UMKC provides both sides of the Electoral College Debate

NPR Examines the Electoral College National Public Radio debates the merits of the Electoral College… cool audio podcasts!

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