Arizona Mock Trials

The following have passed the Mock Bar Exam

Jade Bartley
Chip Bloch
Zoe Call
Jaede Carney
Alex Carter
Olivia Cavataio
Zohra Coday
Noah Dromgoole
Will Dula
Lacee Dupart
Nathaniel Endicott
Kyle Feller
Micah Garrido
Aaron Griffin
Connor Hagen
D.J. Heard
Nick Henke
Natalie Hillman
Pete Holohan
Wolf Ibur
Sam Jones
Henrik Kowalkowski
Marlowe Lindsley
Meredith Littlejohn
Tori Manisco
Danielle Mayes
Ashley McCall
Sean Monroe
Jojo Moomaw
Hana Mueller
Grace Reid
Harry Shockley
Halle Sparks
Lillian Stephen
Joshua Taylor
Peter Thatcher
Courtney Thompson
Will Tipton
Paul Watkins
Kim Wells
Eric Wildsmith

Click below to see the full "lineup" for the 2008 Arizona Mock Trial.

2008 Lineup

Introduction to Mock Trial


People (C Block) vs. Jackson (B Block)

People (B Block) vs. Smith (D Block)

Schwinn (D Block) vs. Farnsworth (C Block)

Mock Trial Tasks & Courtroom Procedures

How NOT to make an objection…

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