2010 Final Exhibition Projects

Please list your name, topic, and essential question.

August Gremaud- The Fall of Rome- Was the greatest civilization of its time really brought low by an onslaught of barbarian hordes, or were the true reasons much more subtle?

Adam Thorp - The Clash of Civilizations, Do different civilizations exist and are they destined to clash.

Benton Birch - Federal Reserve Bank - Is the Federal Reserve Bank just giving away money?

Devi Acharya - Alchemy - Did alchemists have scientific merit and support behind their actions?

Anna Flynn - teen pregnancy - how come in the last couple of decades, has teen pregnancy been on a rise?

Sara Franklin - Middle Passage - how many people actually died in the middle passage?

Oscar Fernandes - Star Trek And It's Effect On Modern Society - Has our society been significantly influenced by Star Trek?

Tia Rounsoville - Law(Law Enforcement)- Are the justice systems methods truly in the interest of the people? Are these methods ethical?

Sebastian Shane Armstrong Cooper - Time travel - Is it socially acceptable to pursue time travel?

Andrew Finkenkeller -The fall of castles - What happened to medieval castles?

Adia Brantley - the Existence of Homophobia - Is homophobia a justified condition?

Joye Forrest - How has segregation decreased over time?

Sam Bai - The History and downfall of Lancia Motorsport - What went wrong and now that the company is back why is it not being mass marketed?

Sara Such - Topic: History of Women's Soccer. Question: How did the US women's victory in the 1999 World Cup influence the view of women in the US?

Curtis Mitchell - The civil Rights Movement- Who was involved and How did the people involved in the movement life easier for African Americans in today's society.

Shawn Roundtree Jr. — Did Malcolm X make a contribution in the Civil Rights Movement?

Joshua Shaw - Handguns — How have handguns changed over the years?

Charlie Frank - Nikola Tesla— His inventions and contributions towards Science

Monika Flynn - The Legal Drinking Age: Should the legal drinking age in the US be 18? what is preventing it from being changed, and what can be done to change?

Luke Shylanski - The Vietnam War - Would the USA have won the Vietnam War if it hadn't pulled out?

Deja Blue - How would life had been different for African Americans if Dred Scott would've won?

Paul Hruza - The Founding of Snowboarding
Question-How did the sport of snowboarding become popular?

TJ Daniels - The Black Panther Party- Was the Black Panther Movement for the good of America?

Tess Couper - The Salem Witch Trials- Would the Salem Witch Trials still happen if the Constitution were written?

Claudia Testa - Sustainable Living- How can i make my house sustainable using the four main energies, and how will it help our world.

Harry O'Gorman - Media and the Mafia- How does the mafia's history affect today's world, and how has today's world effected the mafia?

Remington Kaplan - Animal rights in zoos - What negative impact do zoos have on animals?

Aryeh Frank - Space Exploration- When should robotic spacecraft be used to explore outer space?

Adrian Romo - Natives- How was the image of Native Americans (North and South) affected by the so called "divine manifest destiny."

Ellie Turner - Animal Adoption-Is it better to adopt from the pet store or from the humane society(price, ethics, need, and practicality)

Andrew Witherspoon - The crack epidemic. Who is responsible for the crack epidemic?

Royce P. - The Civil Rights Movement: The Supporters VS Opposers, How did The Civil Rights Movement impact communities?

Darian Randle - World War II: What caused the Allied Powers to gain advantage over the Axis Powers during World War II ?

Ben Williams - The Afgan War (1979): What were the U.S,'s motives, why did we make the decisions that we did, what were the effects of those decisions, and could we have acted differently?

Cecilia Boyers: LGBT rights: homophobia leads to violence. what are some of its negative affects on society and where does it come from?

Emily Don sugar addiction: What is added sugar doing to people?

Trevor Clay-Adolph Hitler: Attempts to assassinate.

TJ Hughes - Does interactive media such as video games have a negative effect on modern day society?

Austin Smith- Shouldn't the government be more focused on the war, the crime rate, and the bad economy than investigating steroids in the MLB?

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