2008 Lineup

People vs. Jackson (8:00 AM)

Project Managers People — Wolf Jackson — Meredith & Pete
Opening Statement People — Sam Jackson — Connor
Witness List Name Direct Cross
Chris Jones Jonathan Eric Alex
Pat Martin Tipton Lacee Jaede
Kelly Demlong Marlowe Ashley Zoe
Tracy Roller Danielle Jojo Dula
Shaun Anderson Courtney Noah Nathaniel
Terry Jackson Grace Peter Nick
Closing Statement People — Zohra Jackson — Micah

Schwinn vs. Farnsworth (10:00 AM)

Project Managers Schwinn — Olivia & Jade Farnsworth — Dula
Opening Statement Schwinn — Hana Farnsworth — Lacee
Witness List Name Direct Cross
Pix Patterson Paul Josh Marlowe
Scooter Schwinn D.J. Natalie Wolf
Tybee Cumberland Emma Aaron Sam
Leash Walker Ashley Zohra Halle
Dusty Trails Nathaniel Tipton Sean
Kirby Farnsworth Nick Jonathan Henrik
Closing Statement Schwinn — Kim Farnsworth — Eric

People vs. Smith (1:00)

Project Managers People — Courtney & Zoe Smith — Henrik & Emma
Opening Statement People — Micah Smith — D.J.
Witness List Name Direct Cross
Dr. Willie Williams Kyle Harry Josh
Chris Dunn Pete Lilly Hana
Victor Estrada Jojo Danielle Paul
Dr. Taylor Shea Halle Jade Riley
Terry Walker Kim Sean Meredith
Pat Smith Chip Olivia Noah
Closing Statement People — Peter Smith — Tori
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